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Web & App Measurement

Refine your marketing strategy with deep insights. Perceive an optimised high level segmentation of your audiences with a detailed view of their journey.
Get a better understanding of your websites, apps and digital media with an audit of your existing platform, or setup by our team of experts. Have the right Google Analytics 360 (GA360) configuration so you can make well informed decisions about your media strategy.

Why Web & App Measurement

With a clearly defined measurement plan, you can make smarter decisions about how you use your media data to optimize your marketing strategy. Benefit from best-in-practice recommendations to build a roadmap that will set your business for digital success and growth.

How we help you

Are you starting from scratch? Do you want an audit your current setup? We are just a click away! HOD offers you a comprehensive onboarding with strategic and techincal implementation to optimize your marketing ROI

Onboarding – Analytics Audit

If you already have Analytics technology in place, we will deliver a comprehensive report on your current setup and a roadmap for advancement, including quick wins and strategic initiatives that align with your objectives and digital maturity.

Recommendations can include:

  • Marketing activation
  • Unlocking attribution insights
  • Integrating your marketing technology stack
  • Enhancements to your current data collection

Onboarding – Platform Setup
If you’re looking to set up GA360, our standard configuration will give your business a better understanding of user engagement across multiple platforms including:

  • Upgrading to GA360
  • Account structure design and setup
  • Basic filter creation
  • Google Tag Manager basic implementation
  • Google Analytics account setup
  • Google Property settings
  • Google View settings
  • Basic Product linking
  • Goals and funnels
  • Basic campaign tracking
  • Implementation of a web data stream for the new GA4 property if needed

Strategic Retainer
As your digital partner, HOD can give you ongoing strategic support, identifying opportunities to maximize your site and app performance, plus drive digital maturity.
Quarterly Business Reviews are also included to make sure your measurement strategy is on track with your business objectives.
Recommendations can include:

  • Data strategy
  • Measurement methodology design
  • Site performance analysis
  • Marketing performance analysis
  • Data governance processes
  • Audience strategy
  • Reporting strategy
  • User behavior analysis
  • Marketing technology recommendations

Tech and Implementation Support
Our experts will provide you with ongoing technical and implementation support that’s essential for the maintenance of your measurement goals including:

  • Access management
  • Data Reporting and custom report building
  • Changes to data studio dashboards
  • Configuration and setup changes
  • Small tracking changes
  • Platform troubleshooting

All of this will cover Analytics 360, Google Analytics for Firebase, Data Studio and Tag Manager 360.

How we can support you

Smart tech, intelligently used.

If you need detailed measurment enhancements to drive your data strategy , we help render your expectations.

Advanced Configuration

  • 3rd Party Integration
  • Migration Mapping
  • Platform Architecture
  • Data Benchmarking


  • Content Tracking
  • Form Tracking
  • User Data Tracking
  • Web & App Measurement Dashboard
  • Ecommerce Tracking
  • Video Tracking
  • App Tracking


  • Data Reliability Monitoring