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With precise grip of the social platforms, our expertise thrives to help customers discover your brand & drive effective results across your business

What we do

We create powerful content across your social media to deliver an effective brand presence and connect to your target audience

Why Social

Gen Z is known to extensively use social media as their primary source of communication and entertainment. With Social User graph, you can identify individual users & design customized marketing solutions such as paid ads to target the customer base
Combining Paid Media strategy with Social strategy, gives you better visibility of how both drive traffic to your consumer channels, such as increased brand searches.
HOD delivers a comprehensive full funnel strategy that’s designed to move your business forward and effectively enhance your social media.

How we help you

Develop, execute and monitor your paid social strategy with HOD. Re-align your business goals with us.


  • Use audience insight tools to identify where your consumers over-index and how we can engage them effectively to align your target demographic and high value audiences
  • HOD keeps track of your customer's evolving habits to deliver a meaningful experience throughout
  • Our online listening capabilities shape the target audience and customize messaging accordingly


  • Align measurement and campaign efficiencies to uncover new audiences through our Social ad technology partner Scope
  • Use Brandwatch for social listening to understand your audience, competitors and industry


  • Develop best-in-class account structure that’s designed to meet and exceed business outcomes
  • Safeguard advertiser investment with a thorough QA process to avoid over or under spend
  • Server to server integrations to prepare for a cookie less world
  • Test methodology to help achieve consistent marginal gains
  • Explore a range of measurement solutions that focus on brand & conversion lifts, offline conversions and increase in viewability

How can we support you

Experience thorough onboarding and ongoing management from our team of Paid Social experts.

Strategic Onboarding

  • Discovery audits to benchmark your Social performance and identify opportunities
  • An integrated tech stack designed to deliver your media campaigns effectively
  • A measurement framework to outline an infrastructure for performance reporting and meaningful insights
  • Paid Media strategy and planning aligned seamlessly with your business objectives

Ongoing Management

  • Innovation through new product point of views (POVs) and implementation
  • Test roadmap to address and alleviate performance fluctuations
  • Leverage our Social ad technology partner (Scope) to identify marginal gains