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Search Ads 360

Take your paid search campaigns to the next level with Google’s advanced PPC platform.

What is Search Ads 360?

Search Ads 360 is an all in one search management platform - an enterprise level solution for advertisers. It aids to accelerate paid search performance & save valuable time with intelligent algorithms and automation.

Why it matters

Dynamically improve your strategy with real time market data and insightful reporting on Search Ads 360. Change bids with automated algorithms and tailor your ad content using audience signals. Understand the full customer journey through unified reporting with data for better attribution and the integration of offline data and call tracking to help you make informed bidding decisions. Integrate these features with other Google marketing platforms such as Display & Video 360 and Campaign Manager 360

How we help you

Get Started

  • Platform onboarding, tailored to your business
  • Tech and account support from our Search Ads 360 specialists

Run ahead in the race

  • Enhanced support to help you understand the platform
  • Platform audit to improve your set-up
  • Strategic consulting for all digital marketing campaigns

What’s included

Our basic SA 360 package gets you up and running on the platform. Ongoing technical support from our team of experts & key account managers will be provided at every step of your campaign

Account Activation

  • Requirements call
  • Naming conventions
  • Platform seat creation
  • Partner costs updated
  • User access requirements
  • Billing considerations
  • Access for up to 10 users

Tech & Account Support

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Monthly check-ins
  • Floodlights troubleshooting
  • Bid anomalies
  • Report builder guidance
  • Same business day response time
  • Error notifications
  • GMP linking
  • Google support

How can we support you

If you need more support using the platform, or want to leverage our wider digital expertise, our additional services will help you succeed.

Platform walk-through

Join us on a brief video conference designed for the novices in Display & Video 360. Clear your ambiguities and get started on your digital journey.

Strategic consultancy

Let's go further than tech support with in-depth strategic consulting across media, data and much more

Platform audit

For those with an existing SA360 account, our platform specialists can do a deep dive into your set-up to make sure you’re following best practice and taking advantage of its advanced features to drive performance

Strategic consultancy

Save time and money with our proprietary SafetyNet technology. Protect your media spend 24/7 with essential alerts, automated campaign pausing, and direct notifications inclusive in one package