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Paid Search

Convert your customer intent into effective business outcomes with the HOD Paid Search solution.

Why it Matters

Search marketing reaches customers when they’re actively engaged. The right PPC strategy positions your business on the search engine results page as the best solution for your customer’s needs.
As your digital partner, HOD takes a global approach to manage your campaigns at scale - inclusive of messaging, targeting, and using the right amount of automation to bring success across your different market segments. All with the help from our team of Google-certified Paid Search experts from across the globe.

Why Paid Search

Keywords are no longer the heart of paid search, which is why we create and execute strategies that strike a balance between art and science. With over 14 years of experience managing the most successful search campaigns across the industry, here at HOD, our Paid Search solutions goes beyond ‘the click’ and turns user intent into actions that matter to your business.
Our expertise lies in Product Advertising, making your digital journeys as unique as your customers. And just like your customers are global, so is our team of experts, managing campaigns on over 10 platforms in 100+ markets. Fully integrated across the Google Marketing Platform.
You can ensure the highest level of brand safety and media transparency and guaranteed access to the latest technology, as well as tactical actions through our close partnerships and beta test programs.
To find the right balance for your business, we’ll apply HOD’s best practices, then rigorously test new tactics, tools, and theories. As a digital marketing partner, we think beyond search and draw on knowledge of Analytics, Paid Media, SEO, and other channels to cultivate new ideas.

How we help you

We’ve helped brands create effective PPC marketing campaigns since the days of AdWords.
Have all the support you need to start your Paid Search strategy with cross-channel funnels, bidding automation setup and more to achieve your business goals through:


  • Strategically analyze Search through the entire funnel, engaging users and capitalizing on demand generated from broadcast channels
  • Deliver the most relevant and effective campaigns with our plans across platforms, geos, devices, time of day, and audiences
  • Utilize our audience-centric approach to media planning and match relevant messaging with user intent


  • Integrate Paid Search into your multi-touch, cross-channel customer journey to drive campaign performance
  • Utilize our sophisticated tech and tools to provide greater insights for planning and reporting
  • Maximize your media effectiveness with bidding automation and advanced attribution


  • Continually optimize using the right balance of tools and talent to drive results
  • Monitor 24/7 outages and anomalies with our proprietary platform, SatetyNet
  • Constantly monitoring competitors with instant notifications of changes and trends that can inform your wider marketing decisions
  • Set learning agendas to cultivate and utilize the knowledge generated with every click and penny spent
  • Approach methodical account structure and keyword discovery

The right technology for your needs

We find the right technology for our partners. Because the right technology helps us reach your customers better.
As a Google Premier Technology partner, we help you harness the power of Search Ads 360. Google’s enterprise search solution lets you make changes across multiple engines at once, and use machine learning to expand your impact. But we don’t stop there. We can also tap into Microsoft Ads for Bing searches.
Our partners can also benefit from our experience using the following tools:

  • Google Merchant Center
  • Google Analytics
  • Feedonomics
  • SEM Rush
  • Microsoft Merchant Center
  • Search Monitor

And everything we do can be backed by SafetyNet – HOD’s own brand protection software solution. SafetyNet scans 24-7 for errors and sudden performance changes, with alerts that trigger immediate action.
No matter who manages your search account – you, us, or both – we understand the technology involved. Let’s discuss.

How can we support you

Experience thorough onboarding and ongoing management from our team of Paid Search experts.

Strategic Onboarding

  • Discovery audits to benchmark your Paid Search performance and identify opportunities
  • Integrated tech stack setup designed to deliver your media campaigns effectively
  • Customized roadmap with onboarding milestones and agreed campaign initiatives upon takeover
  • Paid Media strategy and planning aligned seamlessly with your business objectives

Ongoing Management

  • Strategy for automated campaign optimization
  • Audience-focused messaging and experiences
  • Relentless focus on media effectiveness
  • Innovative approaches to keyword expansion
  • Story-telling reporting and actionable insights