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Display & Video 360

Position better & advertise smarter with one programmatic buying platform

What is Display & Video 360?

Display and Video 360 (DV360) is a single platform for planning your campaigns, designing and creating collaterals. Organize & apply your audience data, find & buy inventory, and measure & optimize campaigns from a single platform. Formed with DoubleClick Bid manager, you can experience holistic management through automated real time bidding. You can utilize brand bid manager account to plan your programmatic display basis the predicted reach to achieve campaign goals

Why it matters

Collaborate your digital team on one platform with Display & Video 360.

Take control of how and where your money is being spent and continuously improve your strategy with insightful reporting on your programmatic advertising. Get access to a premium marketplace across multiple ad networks and seamlessly integrate DV360 with your other Google Marketing platforms, including Campaign Manager 360 and Search Ads 360.

How we help you

Get up and running

  • Account activation to help you get set-up seamlessly
  • Walk-through session to hand over the account
  • Tech and account support from our expert team

Push performance further

  • Platform audit to improve your set-up
  • Strategic consulting on your wider digital marketing activities

What’s included

Our basic DV360 package gets you set-up and ready to go on the platform. It also includes ongoing technical support from a team of experts and dedicated account management.

Account Activation

  • Requirements call
  • Billing considerations
  • Access for up to 10 users
  • User access requirements
  • Platform seat creation
  • Partner costs updated

Tech & Account Support

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Monthly check-ins
  • Floodlights troubleshooting
  • Audience mapping
  • Report builder guidance
  • Same business day response time
  • Error notifications
  • Google Marketing Platform linking
  • Google support

How can we support you

If you need more support using the platform, or want to leverage our wider digital expertise, our additional services will help you succeed.

Platform walk-through

Have a two hour video conferencing session designed for individuals who are familiar with Display & Video 360, but may still have some questions at the point of handover

Strategic consultancy

Let us go further than tech support with in-depth strategic consultancy across media, creative, data and plenty more

Platform audit

For those with an existing DV360 account, our platform specialists can do a deep dive into your set-up to make sure you’re following best practice