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Campaign Manager 360

Streamline your digital marketing across mobile and web with one ad management platform.

What is Campaign Manager 360?

Capture your digital audiences on mobile and web with Google Campaign Manager 360 (previously known as DoubleClick) - a one stop web based ad management system, equipped with powerful features for ad serving, targeting, verification & reporting.

Why it matters

Monitor ad activity data & manage your campaigns with simplified & flexible reporting. With Campaign Manager's customised reporting, filter your metrics according to importance & measure your campaign's performance across all channels in the demand-side platform

Monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns with automated workflows & integrate it seamlessly with other Google marketing platforms, including Display & Video 360 and Search Ads 360

How we help you

Get Started

  • Seamless account activation
  • Walk-through session to hand over the account
  • Support from your dedicated account contact

Run ahead in the race

  • Ongoing tech support
  • Strategic consulting for all digital marketing campaigns
  • Platform audit to improve your set up

What’s included

Our basic Campaign Manager 360 package gets you up and running on the platform. We gather your requirements for customised solutions and activate your account to set it up for your team

Account Activation

  • Requirements call
  • Account organization
  • Platform seat creation
  • User roles & management set up
  • Billing considerations

How can we support you

Leverage our digital expertise across other functions & gain clarity on your 360 degree business plan

Tech support

Our Google Marketing Platform specialists can help you troubleshoot technical issues from platform set-up and error messages, to floodlight configuration and integrations

Platform walk-through

Join us on a brief video conference designed for the novices in Display & Video 360 Clear your ambiguities and get started on your digital journey

Platform audit

For those with an existing Campaign Manager 360 account, our platform specialists can do a deep dive into your set-up to make sure you’re following best practice

Strategic consultancy

Let's go further than tech support with in-depth strategic consulting across media, data and much more