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Advertising Creative

Emerge to the top with innovative technology and seamlessly deliver a premium advertising creative experience that gives you the desired results

What Is It

Here at HOD, our Advertising Creative solution gives you a choice of multi-channel ad formats, from HTML5 Ad Creatives, to DV360 Dynamic Ad formats, bringing together all the data, technology and creativity you need to deliver an effective campaign across your marketing channels.

How It Matters

Our award-winning creativity, strategy and digital production influences customer behavior across the marketing funnel, earns you measurable results and drives campaign response rates. Google Media Lab Research has quoted that '70% of campaign performance is because of the creative.' HOD deliver premium ad experiences with leading-edge capabilities.

How we help you

We strategically merge data, creativity and technology to seamlessly influence your audience behavior across your marketing channels.

Data Utilisation
We analyse, execute and capture data to influence creative re-targeting

Follow Best Practices
Decision-making is rooted from performance best practices, based on data and specific platforms

Meet each customer's needs by leveraging data with technology

Build creative campaigns that add value by capturing new insights and guiding future creative iterations

Our Advertising Creative Solutions

HTML 5 Ad Creative

Take advantage of HTML5 to create eye-catchy ads and drive the brand recall for your customers

Dynamic Ad Creative

Breathe new life into your feed with a unique ad experience that speaks directly to your customers through a range of formats such as DV360 Ads and more.

Mobile Ad Creative

Optimize your brand customers on-the-go with mobile-first creative that will make sure your digital assets reach your customers on-the-go, wherever they are.

Social Ad Creative

Engage with your customers through their favorite social platforms with feed-disrupting creative that inspires action and drives results.

Video Ad Creative

Capture your customer's attention with original video and motion graphics